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Messianic Jewish Man, Hananya Naftali, Appointed to Office in Israel

Hananya Naftali is a believer in Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus Christ) and has recently been appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as Deputy Media Advisor. Messianic Jews (Jewish believers) are basically shunned by mainstream Jewish communities around the world. However, Naftali’s appointment is considered a major breakthrough for Christians! Jews living in Israel will say that because of his beliefs, Naftali cannot be a Jew. He says of himself, “I am Jewish by blood, Christian by heart. Jesus himself was a Jew, so I don’t understand why some people get confused with this.”

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Hananya Naftali, Jewish Believer in Israeli Government

Naftali has raised some eyebrows with some of his media posts. He says of himself, “I am just a normal guy who made his own decision to follow Jesus.”

The Messianic Community in Israel, reported (according to the Messianic Times) that Naftali’s appointment is “great news and a major breakthrough for an Israeli follower of Yeshua to be part of the Prime Minister’s staff. However it is also a prayer request. Please pray for favor and protection for Hananya and blessings upon his work as he advocates for the truth about Israel in the online battle for truth.”

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Some say that Naftali’s appointment is “bound to be controversial…like a Daniel or an Esther, as God has given him a place of influence among the country’s leadership. We need to pray that God would give him great favor, protection and divine wisdom.”