Campaign for Bomb Shelters in Israel Has Only Three Months Left

Song for Israel has been collecting donations to give to Operation Lifeshield to build a bomb shelter at the Eden Center, just two miles from the Gaza border, Israel. So far, we have collected $4, 279.50 toward the shelter that will cost $14,000.  There are 50 at-risk teenage girls at this boarding school who have escaped abuse or terror to find refuge in this school. However, this area is often a target of Hamas rockets. At least once a week, a siren is heard and the girls only have 7 seconds to reach safety in one of the previously-installed shelters. Another shelter is needed for the far side of the campus, which is too far to run in 7 seconds. Please watch the video below.

You can help save lives of young women in Israel by donating to our Bomb Shelter Campaign for this Eden Project. The campaign ends June 10, 2015. We will be presenting our final check to Operation Lifeshield in person on our Israel trip.  

For more information, please visit our "Israel Projects" page by clicking here. Then scroll down the page.

To donate, please click here and be sure to write "Bomb Shelter" in the memo of your check. 



Passover 101

                                                                   deby brown

                                                                   deby brown

Passover was celebrated by Jesus as the "Last Supper" and He asked us to celebrate it as a feast to our Lord. Deby Brown will be teaching about Passover next Sunday morning, March 29th at 9:00 am at Friends Church Yorba Linda -- Room 115.

You will learn about the history of this Jewish holiday, the significance of the foods on the Seder plate,  and how Passover relates to you as a believer in Jesus Christ. Friends Church is located at 5141 Lakeview Ave, Yorba Linda, CA 92886 (Room 115 is on the main floor).

To attend a Passover Seder at the Garden Grove Embassy Suites on April 4th, click here.  Scroll down for Passover Seder information.

Netanyahu Wins Israeli Election

Two days ago, the people of Israel were quite concerned and confused over their upcoming elections on March 17th. Now, they rejoice in a crushing victory as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party came out on top! 

With the final count still out, Netanyahu's party attained 30 seats out of a possible 120. The closest opposition, Zionist Union, led by Labor's Isaac Herzog, won 24 seats. Final numbers will be announced Thursday and be presented to President Reuven Rivlin.

The Likud party will then need to form a coalition in the next two to three weeks. To learn more about Israeli government, please watch the YouTube posted March 14th.

Some of Netanyahu's victory comments were: “Against all odds, we have achieved a great victory for the Likud. We have achieved a great victory for the Likud-led nationalist camp and our people,” he said. “I am proud of the people of Israel who, at the moment of truth, knew how to separate between the important and the secondary issues and focus on the important ones,” said Netanyahu.

                                                                     After the victory, the Prime Minister went to the Western Wall to say a prayer of thanks.

                                                                     After the victory, the Prime Minister went to the Western Wall to say a prayer of thanks.

Please continue to pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu. During the last two years of his term, there was a divisive coalition which caused his previous government to implode, thus triggering early elections.  Pray for divine favor, wisdom and grace for him to build the coalition he needs to govern. "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it" (Ps 127:1). Those Netanyahu will need to work with to form a coalition were those who ran against his party in the elections. Therefore, please pray for reconciliation and supernatural unity among the parties.





Israeli Elections Scheduled for March 17th

Just days from now, Israel will hold elections, even though they just had elections only two years ago. Politics in Israel are very different from ours here in America. Watch this YouTube that gives a pretty good picture of their form of government.  After watching the YouTube, please take a moment to pray that God will lead the Israeli people to the party God wants to use to carry out His plans.

I Believe in Jesus, but I Never "Converted" - How?

I was born Jewish and when I was 18 I confessed faith in Yeshua, Jesus, as the Messiah--but I never converted. How is that possible? Join me as I explore what "Converted" actually means!

The word ‘convert‘ in modern vernacular means to leave one’s religion for another. So when Jewish people hear you speak of converting from Judaism to Christianity, they hear you asking them to betray their heritage, religion and people. However the New Covenant writers and evangelists NEVER asked Jewish people to convert to a new religion, but to believe in the Messiah. Watch this YouTube!

Purim - Festival of Lots begins Tonight

The Jewish holiday of Purim (Festival of Lots) begins tonight at sundown (March 4, 2015). It is one of the most joyous of all Jewish holidays, as they celebrate the deliverance of the Jewish people from annihilation in the ancient Persian Empire!

The Story of Purim

The story of Purim is recorded in the Book of Esther with three main characters: Esther, her cousin Mordecai and Haman, the evil man who plots to destroy the Jewish people. The Jewish people celebrate the fall of Haman, who came close to executing a plot to exterminate the Jewish people. Instead, the people were saved because of the heroic planning of Mordecai and Esther.

Haman was from the nation of Amalek and had authority over all the princes and the king’s servants bowed down to him. However, Mordecai did not bow because he was a Jew. This was a transgression of the king’s command (Esther 3:3). This angered Haman and he plotted to destroy all the Jews in the entire kingdom (Esther 3:6) and he accepts Haman’s counsel and hands over the fate of the Jewish People to him.  Haman then makes plans to exterminate all of the Jews. (Esther 3:8-11).

Esther, an orphan who had been raised in Persia by her cousin Mordecai, is a beautiful, young Jewish woman. When Vashti, the Queen of Persia, falls out of favor with Ahasuerus, King of Persia, Esther becomes Queen. (The king does not know she is Jewish).

Mordecai counsels Esther to save the Jewish People by courageously visiting the king and pleading on their behalf, telling her that she has probably risen to the position as queen for this very purpose. Esther took a risk and approached the king and planned a banquet for him and Haman. Going in to the king, of course, may seem like the logical thing to do, but it actually will put Esther’s life in immediate danger. Even though she is queen, she cannot come into the king’s presence without his first summoning her. She knows she may be put to death if she shows up uninvited. She fasts for three days before going to the king, and when she enters his presence, she finds his grace, instead of his wrath. (Esther 4).

Before the banquet, Haman prepared a gallow to later hang Mordecai for not bowing to him.

That night, the king could not sleep and he asked that the “book of records (Chronicles) be read to him. During the reading, he was reminded of some good deeds of Mordecai and realized he had not been rewarded for this. (Esther 6)

The next day at the banquet which Esther prepared for the king, and in Haman’s presence, the king asks Esther to name anything she wants. He pleads with him to save her people from annihilation. The king asks her to expose this evil man and she names him as their enemy. (Esther 7:1-6).

This angered the king and he ordered Haman be executed on the very gallows he prepared for Mordecai. (Esther 7). After that, the king elevated Mordecai to take Haman’s position of authority and the king reversed his decree and all the Jews were avenged (Esther 8:1-7).

The 3-Day Fast of Esther is a fast from dawn until dusk on Purim eve, commemorating the three-day fast observed by the Jewish people in the story of Purim. (Esther 9). Purim is a holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people from the destruction planned by Haman. Although Purim is not included as one of the Biblical Feasts of the Lord, it is a custom mandated by Mordechai in Esther 9.

Purim Festivities

Traditional Purim customs include reading of the entire scroll of Esther in the synagogues. Because hidden identities is a strong theme in the Book of Esther, it is traditional to wear costumes on Purim and cheering at the mention of the hero and heroine, Mordechai and Esther, and booing the villain, Haman. (Boo!)

After the three-day fast, there is a feast with rejoicing and giving of gifts to one another and to the poor.  “He wrote them to observe the days as days of feasting and joy and giving presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor” (Esther 9:20–22).

In addition to giving gifts, a tradition is to eat triangular cookies called oznei haman (ears of Haman).


More than Just a Remembrance -- A Call to Action

While Purim is a time to remember God’s deliverance of the Jewish People from anti-Semitic forces in Persia about 2,500 years ago, it is also a time to remember that enemies have risen against the Jewish People in every age. Today President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, of Iran vows to wipe Israel of the face of the earth. Once again anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head in Europe. It is here in America, but more subtle. Those that seek to destroy the Jews also have evil plans to annihilate all of God's people, including Christians. Purim is not just  a time to remember, but for believers to listen to the call of the Holy Spirit to rise up, like Esther, on behalf of Israel and the Jewish People.

It takes a lot of courage to resist the "Hamans" of this world and to stand firm against popular opinion here in the United States. We must stand for righteousness and stand for Israel. The Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 62:1) called upon the watchmen to cry out to God day and night on behalf of Zion (Israel). We as believers, are to be watchmen on the walls on behalf of Israel and the Jewish People, especially in these end times as multiple Hamans are calling for Israel's destruction.

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be silent, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch.” (Isaiah 62:1)


Auschwitz, a new 15-minute documentary on the history of the Nazi death camp, was premiered January 27, 2015, in the presence of 300 Holocaust survivors in Auschwitz, marking 70 years for liberating theconcentration camp. The film was produced by Steven Spielberg and narrated by Meryl Streep. Please share so their memory will live on.

Two Men From Gaza

Last night I was delighted to meet two men, both born in Gaza, both raised Palestinians, both whose lives were changed by meeting Jesus Christ!

It was in a crowded home filled with curious people of all ages. Before the two men shared their stories, delicious Arab foods were served and conversations began. When the meal was finished, the honored guests began.

Tass Saada, born in Gaza, raised in Saudi Arabia as a Palestinian refugee, ran away from home at age 17 to fight in Gaza as a PLO sniper, fighting against the Jew.  Tass was raised to hate the Jews. 

Tass Saada

Tass Saada

For Tass, his childhood memories included visits in his home with leaders such as Osama Bin Ladin and Yassir Arafat. It was during one of those visits that Yassir Arafat recruited Tass as his personal chauffeur. He was later chosen by Arafat to be trained as an assassain, and eventually awarded the nickname "Butcher."

Even though he hated America and Americans, in 1974 he came to the United States to get an education, hoping he could fight the Jews better with his brain. He felt that Americans treated him well and this surprised him, so he decided to stay. He felt the quickest way to become a citizen was to marry, so he found a bride rather quickly and married.

Once married, Tass' father cut off financial support, so Tass began working as a dishwasher at an upscale French restaurant. He was shocked that at the first table he cleared as a busboy, the guest thanked him for taking his dirty dishes. Tass was used to abusing the help, not thanking them. He decided to be very kind to this man. Later he learned the man was a multi-billionaire. 

In 1993, Tass was confronted about his lack of fear of God. Although he worshipped Allah, his friend challenged him and told him that the identity of Allah, whom he worshipped--was the God of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and Jacob--whom the Islamists have rejected. He was told that he could not hate the Jews. His response was, "The only Jew is a dead Jew." His friend shared the Love of Jesus Christ and the gospel and Tass experienced a radical salvation experience. He was told that Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father, but through Me." (John 14:6)

While Tass was studying his Bible as a new believer, he ran across Matthew 5:43-44, where Jesus said, "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you." He wondered how he could ever love the Jews. But God changed his heart.

Now, many years later, Tass and his wife are in ministry together, serving Jesus Christ. Their goal is to reconcile Arabs and Jews to the Father. Once they are reconciled to the Father, it is so much easier to be reconciled to one another. 

Read more about his story in his book, Once An Arafat Man.


The second gentleman at the gathering heads up the Voice of the Refugees headquartered in Anaheim. Also a Palestinian Arab born in Gaza, he shared about his life and how he came to a place where he found salvatin in Jesus Christ. His nonprofit Voice of the Refugees mobilizes local resources in order to fully engage and assist Middle Eastern (mostly Arab) refugees, to establish them in Orange County. They share the love of Christ and the gospel with each person or family and he says "we have a 100% success rate. We share the gospel with each encounter." He says it is up to the Holy Spirit to do the rest. You can learn more about this local ministry at 

God is working in the hearts of those born in Gaza. Although at the moment they all appear to be enemies of Israel, God is still doing a mighty and miraculous work among the Arabs. We are encouraged, as Tass quoted, to "love our enemies" and I agree with him that the only way the Jews and Arabs will find peace among one another is if they have peace with God, the Father. Please pray for the Arab people, that they also will find this to be true.

Two Events THIS Saturday, February 21st

Join us at 2:30 PM at Friends Church Yorba Linda for a demonstration making HAMANTASCHEN cookies to give to your Jewish friends. They are traditionally given as gifts on the Jewish holiday of Purim. Not only will you watch the demonstration, you will taste these delectables and take home the recipe to bake your own. Learn about this Jewish holiday with a brief Bible teaching. (Purim is March 5th.)  $10 for class, which will be collected at the door (cash or check only, please). Click here to register. Registration is a must!

At 7 PM, join us for an informational reception regarding our Greece/Israel Tour at Richfield Community Church, Yorba Linda. For details, click here.

French Jews under Seige! Help them Come Home to Israel!

Song for Israel is partnering with ICEJ to help Jewish people make "Aliyah" (a move to Israel). Please read their article written by David Parsons and Howard Flower below:

The dramatic terror attacks in Paris in early January have served as a sobering wake­up call to the world about the dangerous resurgence of anti­Semitism in Europe. But for Jews in France and all across the continent, it was more a crushing reminder of the harsh reality they know has existed already for years now.

Long before the terror assault on the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices and the deadly hostage stand­off at the Hyper Cache kosher supermarket in Paris left 17 people dead, one could visit Jewish communities anywhere in Europe and find a people under siege. Jewish synagogues, museums and community centers all have metal detectors and armed guards posted outside. Jewish schools and seminaries have become like fortresses.

If anything, the terror attacks in Paris have shattered any remaining sense of security for much of European Jewry. The hope that their governments could somehow protect them is vanishing.

But protect them from what?

Even with the public outrage and the mass ‘unity’ rallies in the wake of the Paris attacks, most world leaders are still unwilling to identify the real menace now stalking the Jews of Europe – the scourge of Islamic jihadism.

The rallies spoke out against both anti­Semitism and Islamophobia – as if they were equally terrorising scores of innocent lives at present.

The rising threat now facing European Jewry is an extremely toxic mix. First, there is still much classical anti­Semitism among native Europeans which induces them to vilify Israel as a main cause of Muslim extremism. Add to that the youth violence among the growing Muslim immigrant communities from North Africa and the Middle East. And now home­grown jihadists are returning from battle in places like Yemen, Iraq and Syria as trained militiamen seeking to hunt down easy Jewish prey.

No wonder then that Jews are starting to leave France in record numbers. French aliyah reached an all­time level in 2014 with nearly 7,000 Jewish people moving to Israel. It marked the first time in Israel’s modern history that the highest number of Jewish immigrants came from a Western country.

Jewish Agency authorities were already anticipating that number to double in 2015 to around 15,000. And that was before the Paris terror attacks, which are now expected to accelerate French Jewish aliyah even more.2/5/2015 French Jews under siege! Help them come home to Israel. 

Last year, some 50,000 French Jews approached the Jewish Agency for information about moving to Israel. The week after the Paris attacks, another 2,000 Jews signed up to begin the aliyah process. Thus the Jewish Agency has asked the Christian Embassy to assist with funding for the huge influx of French Jews expected to come home to Israel in 2015.

The general perception is that most French Jews can afford the move to Israel. But the reality is that nearly three-fourths of the 550,000 Jews in France come from families that escaped to there from North Africa two generations ago and many still live in poorer neighbourhoods alongside Muslim immigrants that came from the same countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

So they are the most vulnerable Jews at present, and the least able to afford the expenses of moving to another country. And according to the Jewish Agency, it is Sephardic Jews in France which feel the least secure and are showing the most interest in making aliyah right now.

Over coming months, the ICEJ will be funding aliyah seminars, ground transport, flight tickets, absorption costs and other expenses involved in the immigration process. The Jewish Agency has estimated that the average cost for those who need assistance is $1100 per person.

So please give today to this urgent need. Help us bring home more French Jews, before it is too late!

To support this Aliyah project, please make an on-line donation today by clicking here. Help Song For Israel make a difference for the persecuted Jewish people in France and around the world.

Please "like" us on Facebook and Google + (Song For Israel). Thank you!

Tu B'Sh'vat -- the Jewish Holiday -- "New Year for the Trees"

This Jewish holiday is celebrated on the 15th of the Hebrew month Sh’vat (which begins tonight, February 3rd), known as the “New Year for the Trees.” It is similar to our Arbor Day or an environmental awareness day.

“I will put the cedar in the wilderness, the acacia and the myrtle and the olive tree; I will place the juniper in the desert together with the box tree and the cypress, that they may see and recognize, and consider and gain insight as well, that the hand of the Lord has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created it.” Isaiah 41.19-20

Tu B’Sh’vat marks the beginning of spring in Israel! Most of the rains have already fallen. The beautiful almond trees show the first sign of spring as they begin to bloom.

On this special day, the synagogues around the work plan special activities to celebrate. Together they pray prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord Who gave them the Land of Israel and all its goodness.

Israel is famous for their growth of olives, dates, grapes, figs and pomegranates. It is traditional to have a ceremonial meal on Tu B'Shvat, in which these fruits from the Holy Land are eaten.

In addition, it has become a tradition to plant a tree on this holiday.

Tu b’Sh’vat is considered a national Israeli holiday and not a Biblical one; it does have prophetic significance.

Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, the Land of Israel has been desolate as was predicted. It was a wilderness with no vegetation and almost uninhabitable.  In fact, in 1867, Mark Twain visited Israel and published his impression in a book called Innocents Abroad. Here is his description:

“….. A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds… a silent mournful expanse…. a desolation…. we never saw a human being on the whole route…. hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”

“In the days to come Jacob will take root, Israel will blossom and sprout, and they will fill the whole world with fruit.” Isaiah 27:6

Purim Cookie Baking Demonstration

Join us for this demonstration for baking hamantaschen cookies, which are given as gifts on the Jewish holiday of Purim. Not only will you watch the demonstration, you will taste these delectables and take home the recipe to bake your own. Learn about this Jewish holiday with a brief Bible teaching. You will be encouraged to bake these cookies and give them to your Jewish friends for Purim (on March 5th). $10 for class, which will be collected at the door (cash or check only, please). Space is limited. Please register below.

Date: Saturday, February 21, 2015

Location:  Friends Church Yorba Linda: 5141 Lakeview Avenue, Yorba Linda, CA 92886, Roadhouse Kitchen

Time: 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Hamantaschen for Purim.jpg
Name *
Please send:

Kibbutz Sa'ad School in Israel Receives New Shelter

Following is an update from operation lifeshield. Please click here for song for israel's bomb shelter project information.

Following is an update from operation lifeshield. Please click here for song for israel's bomb shelter project information.

Truly, one of my favorite moments is when I get to meet real heroes. Rafi Babion, Security Chief for the Sdot Negev Region in Southern Israel is one of the great heroes of Israel, and I am grateful for the close connection we have. Rafi has guided Operation Lifeshield in the placement of shelters in his region, and has chosen locations where we can be of maximum help.

The Kibbutz Sa'ad School, located only a few miles from the Gaza border, has been hit by Kassam rockets from Hamas frequently. Most recently, this summer, one of the rockets struck next to a room adjoining the school principal's office. Thankfully, the principal was unhurt. Damage to the exterior wall told a terrifying story, as hundreds of shrapnel shards embedded the wall.

We delivered a Lifeshield Bell shelter this month to the school, and it now sits in the bus drop-off and pick-up area. Click on the thumbnail image to view the video of school and new shelter.

Also, the music in this video is especially intense, so best to crank-up the volume when watching.


Blessings from Israel,                                                                                                                                                                                                       Shmuel Bowman                                                                                                                                                                             Executive Director | Operation Lifeshield

To donate to Song For Israel's Bomb Shelter project, please click here. 

Shmuel Bowman, executive director - operation lifeshield

Shmuel Bowman, executive director - operation lifeshield

Iran and Hezbollah Planning Imminent Joint Invasion in Galilee

High level intelligence has warned that Iran and Hezbollah are planning an imminent invasion to the Galilee, northern Israel, in response to the airstrike carried out by Israel last Sunday, killing 11 people. Among those killed were a senior IRGC General Muhammad Allahdadi, Jihad Mughniveh (son of former Hezbollah Chief), five Iranians (one of them Revolutionary Guard, Muhammad Issa (head of Hezbollah’s operation in war-torn Syria and Iraq), and several operatives of the Lebanese Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah. However Israel claims that the strike was intended to take out Syrian terrorists and that Israel had no knowledge that the IRGC General was in the vicinity.

The Jerusalem Post reported: ‘”We did not expect the outcome in terms of the stature of those killed—certainly not the Iranian general,’ Reuters quoted the Israeli source as saying. ‘We thought we were hitting an enemy field unit that was on its way to carry out an attack on us at the frontier fence. We got the alert, we spotted the vehicle, identified it was an enemy vehicle and took the shot. We saw this as a limited tactical operation.’” The reason for the attack was that intelligent sources learned that Mughniyeh was plotting a series of deadly cross-border terrorist attacks from Syria into Israel. He has been described as a “relentless terrorist.”

The Israeli Defense Force deployed units and an Iron Dome to the volatile area today, after hearing Commander Muhammad Ali Jafari, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander warn that Israel can expect “ruinous thunderbolds.”

Please pray for the safety of Israel’s borders and that tensions would calm in the Middle East. Pray that God would thwart the enemies plans.

Anticipated French to Make Aliyah (Move) to Israel

It is no secret that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and particularly in France. France has the largest Jewish population in Europe and threats and incidents more than doubled last year.

Hundreds of thousands of people packed into a Paris square today under extraordinary security for a massive unity rally following last week’s terror attacks in and around the French capital. Dozens of world leaders attended the event, among those was Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to Reuters (Paris), “'Israel expects the number of French Jews moving there (Israel) this year, which was already predicted to rise sharply from 2014’s record level, to accelerate further after the killings at a Paris kosher grocery,' a senior official said on Sunday.”

Netanyahu has pledged to find ways to boost Jewish immigration from France as well as other European countries that are being affected by anti-Semitism.

Song For Israel is here to help! We are partnering with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem to help Jewish people move to Israel (Aliyah). This excerpt from the ICEJ website gives us a definition of Aliyah:

What is Aliyah?

Throughout history, the Jews have often been exiled, or expelled from their homeland. In 70 AD, with the destruction of the second temple they were dispersed from the Straits of Gibraltar to the edges of India. Although dispersed throughout the world, the longing to return to their homeland, however, was never abandoned. It is a centuries old custom for Jews, when closing out the Passover Meal, to say “Next year in Jerusalem.”

Aliyah is a Hebrew word that means to “go up.” While originally it referred to ascending to Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Feasts, today it has come to mean the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel.

Aliyah, simply stated, is the ingathering of the exiles from the four corners of the earth —   it is the immigration of Jews back to their ancestral homeland. Aliyah “is rooted in the Jewish people’s fervent hope to rebuild its national life in the country from which it was exiled nearly 2,000 years ago.”

 Aliyah is Biblical

Although you may not hear the term “Aliyah” preached from the pulpit, taught in Sunday School or even listed in the concordance of your bible (no matter the version), it is biblical. It is also very much on the heart of God, and he wants you to be involved (more about that later).

The prophets spoke of Aliyah — God’s plan to bring the children of Israel home. Isaiah penned some of these promises: “He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; He will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” (Isaiah 11:12)

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north ‘Give them up!’ and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth.” (Isaiah 43:5-6)

“See. I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up My banner to the peoples; they will carry your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.” (Isaiah 49:22) (

Our Aliyah campaign will run through June 2015.  To make a donation toward helping the Jewish people who are finding their way “home,” please click here.

A Prayer for 2015

Our Father in Heaven,

As we reflect on 2014, we recognize that You have been watching over us, showing us favor and guiding our every step. Thank you for the challenges that you put in our paths to cause us to depend on You.  We ask forgiveness for the times when we did not seek Your face nor follow Your ways.

As we begin a new year, we commit ourselves to You afresh, asking for Your help that we might please You in all that we do. Draw us closer to You through prayer. Teach us to depend even more on You. Draw us to your precious Word, that we may discover even more of who You are. Give us strength to choose to walk in your ways and not ours. Would you use us to make a difference for You in our world in 2015?

We humble ourselves before you, The Holy One of Israel. You have watched over Israel for thousands of years and You have not forgotten Your people. Your covenant endures forever.

We pray for those in living in Israel today, that You would cause them to seek Your face in 2015 and that You would comfort them during any attacks that may come from every side. Please keep them safe. We pray that Your people would recognize that YOU are the One Who is protecting them and that YOU are the refuge they can run to.

We pray for the Jewish people and the Christians throughout the world who are being persecuted—that they would not lose hope—that You would protect their minds and provide a way of escape.

Abba, please forgive our nation, as we have turned away from You. Would You purge the wickedness from the United States and restore us to a right relationship with You? Would You provide us with Godly leaders who would strive to please You?

Fill us with Your love and Your power, that we might be effective witnesses of Messiah in our community. We ask that you strengthen us and that you would provide all that we need to serve you.

We pray that we would grow in the grace and knowledge of Messiah in 2015.

Thank You for hearing our prayer. We pray these things in the name of Yeshua (Jesus)!



Song For Israel--Our Year at a Glance

Song For Israel would like to thank you for partnering with us financially and prayerfully. In 2014 Song For Israel was able to boldly help stand in the gap for Israel and the Jewish people. We are so grateful for the opportunity to continue to pursue our goal of proclaiming God's eternal plan through Israel. We could not do that without your support.

With your help this year Song For Israel:

  • Collected $3,995 toward the building of bomb shelters in Israel by Operation Lifeshield. The Israeli government will match this gift, making our contribution $7,990!
  • Provided volunteers, representing seven churches, for the Orange County Jewish Federation at its annual Israel Expo;
  • Led six Biblical Zionism classes;
  • Taught a Purim cookie demonstration;
  • Hosted a fascinating seminar by Shmuel Bowman, an Israeli scribe (and director of Operartion Lifeshield);
  • Began writing our own curriculum called, "God's Eternal Plan for Israel;"
  • Led two Bible study classes on the Book of Revelation;
  • Hosted 26 prayer meetings;
  • Spoke at Whittier Community Church with the message, "God's Fingerprints in Israel:"
  • Participated in the 3rd Annual "Israel--The Elusive Peace Conference:"
  • Partnered with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, Yorba Linda,, which sponsored our conference;
  • Established helpful ways to receive donations through AmazonSmiles and Ebay;
  • With the help of 24 volunteers, we hosted an awesome Feast of Tabernacles Celebration Dinner for 48 people;
  • Partnered with Ben David Messianic Jewish Congregation, hosting an informative seminar with Sally Shiff, from Israel; and
  • Celebrated our year-end with a Chanukah party!

And, with your help we're excited about 2015!  We plan to:

  • Provide even more volunteers for the 2015 Israel Expo;
  • Consider venturing into radio, doing short 15-minute spots on KBRT, to reach a larger audience across Southern California;
  • Finish curriculum, "God's Eternal Plan for Israel;"
  • Host the 4th Annual "Israel--The Elusive Peace" Conference this spring;
  • Hold our first Spring Fundraising Dinner;
  • Host the annual Israel Tour in June 2015 (with a side trip to Greece);
  • Partner with Ben David Messianic Jewish Congregation for a Passover Seder;
  • Host a 1/2-day conference with Sally Shiff from Israel;
  • Host quarterly educational seminars;
  • Continue to raise money for bomb shelters in Israel through Operation Lifeshield;
  • Lead eight "God's Eternal Plan for Israel" classes (using our new curriculum);
  • Offer a Feast of Tabernacles Celebration Dinner;
  • Host another Purim cookie demonstration;
  • Offer four inductive Bible studies; and
  • Host a fabulous Chanukah party

As always, Song For Israel counts on your support. The discrimination towards Israel is rising every day! Your gift is extremely important to SFI because it provides resources that make an immediate impact through education and ministry to the Jewish people. 

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Blessings and Shalom,

Deby Brown and the entire Song For Israel Team

About Song For Israel

Song For Israel challenges Christians to examine their view of God's eternal plan for Israel and the Jewish people. We educate Christians (and others) on the Biblical truth and significance of God's eternal promises to the Jewish people and what that means in the world today (how it affects our worldview, how we vote, and what we support). Song For Israel works relentlessly to build Biblical awareness and active support for Israel and the Jewish people through prayer, education, service projects, and financial support.