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Book of Romans (Part 1)

 Precept Upon Precept - "Freed from Sin's Penalty "

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All have sinned. There is none righteous. We are declared righteous by God only by faith in the blood of His Son. Romans 1-5 explains the foundational doctrines of our faith - original sin, justification, redemption, and propitiation. Gain an excellent grasp of the doctrine of salvation!

This Bible Study begins Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at 7 PM (Co-ed) in Anaheim Hills, or Thursday, September 13, 2018, at 9:15 AM (Women only) in Anaheim Hills. Cost for Romans class is $36 and includes a workbook. Classes run through May 17, 2019.

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 You may also order this book from our store

You may also order this book from our store

"Understanding God's Eternal Plan for Israel"

8-week series

Brand new curriculum 

With anti-semitism rising once again in Europe and subtly sneaking its way into the US, it is important to understand why. With about 75% of churches teaching that the promises God made with Israel have been transferred to the church, we encourage you to KNOW the truth! 

Most Christians do not know if they should support Israel or bless the Jewish people. Join us and acquire a deeper and more balanced understanding of Christian support for Israel. There are four basic covenants God made with man in the Bible that are interwoven that will be discussed in this class. We will gain an understanding of God's plan for world redemption, using Israel as a vehicle to bring this about.

Series includes:

  • God's Plan Versus Satan's Plan -- The Battle Begins
  • Four Covenants Women Together
  • The Jewish Holidays Spell Out God's Eternal Plan for Israel
  • Relationsihps Between Jews and Gentiles/Three Reasons Why the Jewish People Don't Trust Christians
  • The Real Middle East Issues
  • Do We Expect Peace Now?
  • Distortion Reigns ("Replacement Theology, Christian Palestinianism, etc.)
  • Anti-Semitism Can lead to Aliyah

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Understanding God's Eternal Plan for Israel