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Conference "Israel--Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow"

Join us as we hear from a holocaust survivor, Dr. David Schichor, from Budapest, Hungary, as he shares the story of his family's survival.

Robb Schwartz, a Messianic Jew and author of Operation Exodus, will share "Israel's Scattered Returns." Robb will give us a challenging look into Israel's past, present and future as he traces the history of Jewish dispersions and re-gatherings away from and back to the Land of Israel.

Brandon Ridley, Youth Pastor at Beach Bible Church in Huntington Beach, will share "A Light to the Nations" - God's call for His people to be a Light to the nations is as much a physical reality as a theological one. From the covenant with Abraham to the prophecies of Isaiah and the ministry of Jesus, God's plan for the people of Israel and the gentiles has been connected through the land itself.

Deby Brown will give a Prophecy Update, "What are the Signs of the Beginning of the End?" In this update, Deby will share what triggers the Tribulation period known as Daniel's 70th Week.

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